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Yoga Beyond the Mat Retreat

Join Alanna at a special Yoga Beyond the Mat Retreat at the Omega Institute in New York. Counts as 22.5 hours of continuing education.

DATE: June 18 – June 23
LOCATION: Rhinebeck, NY

While many people engage in asana, or posture practice, yoga’s true magic lies in its spiritual and psychological transformation. Yoga Beyond the Mat shows you how to develop a personal, holistic yoga lifestyle so you can achieve lasting and permanent transformation.

Join Alanna Kaivalya as she explores a complete range of yoga practices, including:

  • removing obstacles
  • appreciating the present moment
  • balancing the chakras
  • healing childhood wounds
  • creating your own rituals
  • working with the hero’s journey
  • transforming your archetypal energy

Through ritual, Eastern meditation techniques, journaling, and other spiritual practices, this book provides techniques for allowing the ego to rest, giving modern day yogis what they have been missing—the realization of personal bliss.

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Yoga Beyond the Mat Course:
Making Yoga Your Daily Spiritual Practice

All the tools you need to take the power of yoga into your own hands!